14 April 2009

Business Cards for a Games Blog

In preparation for ORIGINS 2009, which I will be attending, I though I might get some business cards to hand out while I am there to advertise the blog. Except this being a blog about games, business cards don't really send the right message. What I need is something that gamers appreciate. Something like ...

business dice.

Custom Dice Chessex Singapore Longshoremen sharkI wrote about the custom dice our local Battletech group recently had made up. Something like this would be great, but I need to fit text for the whole blog URL onto one face of a die, which might be tricky. I am in contact with Joseph at Chessex to try to work out the details. Featured below is the graphic I came up with:

Giant Battling Robots business dice graphic GBR
I'm think of getting either solid yellow dice with black paint, or perhaps a speckled yellow (or wait ... maybe vortex orange!). This page shows the available options.

If anyone out there disapproves of my selection of style and color, this is your chance to do something about it. Post your comments and suggestions before next week, when I hope to finalize the order. [update: fixed the graphic]
GBR Giant Battling Robots Favicon
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