30 April 2009

Battletech Pods at ORIGINS and GENCON

News flash: An anonymous poster writes in response to my post about Battletech virtual reality pods:

Anonymous said...

The BattleTech pods are sceduled to hit Anime Central (ACEN) in Chicago May 9-11. 6 of them will be on hand.

Also, Origins and Gencon are in the works.

Origins is 90% certain.

There is no official announcement from Virtual World yet, just this on their web site:

The Tesla II cockpits, featuring the BattleTech: Firestorm software, are fully enclosed military style simulators that feature 7 screens, over 90 control systems, and a 12 speaker surround sound system. When seated in the cockpit or 'pod', the player will pilot his or her own walking tank known as a BattleMech onto the virtual landscape to compete for battlefield superiority with those seated in surrounding cockpits.

This is the first, but not the last, major convention appearance for the Kalamazoo operation this season. These cockpits are slated to appear at other major entertainment conventions in the Midwest later this Summer. [emphasis added]
The official response from Giant Battling Robots is YAHOO!!!!

It's looks like more of my expendable income is going to be expended at ORIGINS this year. I can't wait. I will post updates as news become available.

[PS to anonymous: I would be happy to credit you, if you like.]

UPDATE [5/19/09] - it appears ORIGINS is a go:

Peter Smith Writes:
I was just informed that the Origins Crew is now being formed, as the VWE pods will be there. The plan is to bring twelve pods out, the price is going to be three game tokens (six bucks).

However, these details may change. And per VGL policy, harassment by staff is always free and will be in stock the entire convention.

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