27 April 2009

Game Design Class

How would you like to take a class in game design? Ian Schreiber is offering a class called Game Design Concepts, and it's free [except for the optional books, which are not at all expensive].

[From Game Developers Conference 2009 Speakers] Ian Schreiber has been in the industry for eight years, first as a programmer and then as a game designer. He has worked on five published game titles and two serious game projects. Ian has taught game design and development courses at Ohio University, Columbus State Community College, and Savannah College of Art and Design.
Ian also has a blog: Teaching Game Design.

So I signed up for the class, my books should arrive via Amazon tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to meeting Ian at ORIGINS is summer. Maybe this will help me get some of my game ideas into a form where they could actually be played.

[Found on Applied Game Design]
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