16 April 2009

Visit Scenic Hakodate

Visit scenic Hakodate, Japan, a city well known for its frequent alien attacks, and witness the rampaging mechanical squid battling the gigantic guardian robot! ... OK, so this is kinda weird, and perhaps a few details are in order:
The invaders here are alien cephalopods from the planet Ikaaru, who seek revenge on the people of Hakodate for eating too much squid. The aliens hijack an enlarged version of Hakodate’s tourism mascot — a mechanical squid named “Ikabo,” which was built by Future University-Hakodate (FUN) in 2007 — and send it on a rampage through the city.
No, it's still weird. Watch the video, then go read the full story behind it at Pink Tentacle. It's good fun.

On second thought, maybe go read about it FIRST, then it might make a little more sense (a very little).
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