15 February 2009

Custom Dice

Singapore Longshoremen Battletech Shark Aramis DragoonsOur local Battletech group organized to order some custom dice from Chessex. I say "we" organized, but Jeremy did all the work (Thanks Jeremy!). That's our group emblem to the right. [original artist/source unknown]

Custom Dice Chessex Singapore Longshoremen sharkThese dice have a single custom side, with the six-pips replaced by our mascot hungry shark. They really turned out nice.

Custom Dice Chessex Singapore Longshoremen sharkShiny new dice in hand, I proceeded to try them, and in their debut game ...

... I had absolutely terrible luck.

("Jeremy, I'd like to have a word with you about these dice.")

Maybe they just need more practice. :-)
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