15 February 2009

Custom Dice

Singapore Longshoremen Battletech Shark Aramis DragoonsOur local Battletech group organized to order some custom dice from Chessex. I say "we" organized, but Jeremy did all the work (Thanks Jeremy!). That's our group emblem to the right. [original artist/source unknown]

Custom Dice Chessex Singapore Longshoremen sharkThese dice have a single custom side, with the six-pips replaced by our mascot hungry shark. They really turned out nice.

Custom Dice Chessex Singapore Longshoremen sharkShiny new dice in hand, I proceeded to try them, and in their debut game ...

... I had absolutely terrible luck.

("Jeremy, I'd like to have a word with you about these dice.")

Maybe they just need more practice. :-)


d20 Sapphire said...

Very spiffy! As a dice fanatic, it's good to know that you can customize with chessex. Some day on my blog I will have to show the plethora of dice I own.

CrazyKage said...

I wonder if they can make some with a side heavier than the other? Tee Hee!

EastwoodDC said...

Sure, just drill it out, drop in a fishing weight (but not that nasty lead stuff, it's bad for kids), seal in over with glue or putty, repaint, and you've got your very own loaded die.

I'm not actually recommending this though. In my limited experience with such things I recall that the loaded die "bounced funny", and the weighting was obvious if you dropped it into a glass of water.

The dice used in casinos are transparent and the pips painted on so that this type of tampering would be obvious.