18 March 2009

Giant Battling Robots at ORIGINS 2009

I will be attending the ORIGINS Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio on June 24-28. At this point I have no plans to run any Classic Battletech events as I have in the past, though I may offer to help out a bit. I do plan to play in as many different events as I can and collect ideas to write about. In the past there have been some interesting military history seminars I wanted to attend, but was too busy to get to them. This year I will have most of my time free to spend as I like, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Origins game fair
So ... is anyone else out there headed to ORIGINS this year? If there is enough interest we might set up a Blog-n-Grog meeting. :-)


Hadik said...

If I can swing it, I'll be there Saturday/Sun.

Dan Eastwood said...

Cool! I'll see about organizing something as the date approaches.