05 September 2009

Pole Dancing

With a title like that, this will probably be my most popular post ever! :-)

As many of you have noticed already, I have a pole poll up inquiring try to determine if people have found my blog because of my custom GBR dice, which I ordered from Chessex as sort of a business card to help advertise this blog. These dice have certainly been popular, between friends and two conventions most of the 400 I ordered have been given out already. I don't know that a lot of new readers have come here as a result, but I will be happy with even a modest response. Those dice are out there now, and a lot more people will see them as time goes on.
So if you haven't yet, please respond to my poll not pole! in the right sidebar. Note that you can vote for more than one item, so check all that apply.

I should mention that my friend Tom of PhotonCutter Studios handed out dice for me at GENCON, and I thank him for that. I'll thank him better soon by posting about his expanding product line.

I see a number of people are already indicating they "want dice". I'm not opposed to ordering more if I need to. Hopefully the opportunity will come to give good homes.

Also, my thanks to Saxywolf for giving me the idea for this pole poll.

Finally, if you have read this far and are disappointed not to find scantily clad women performing acrobatic contortions on polls poles, then this is what you want (a little NSFW, but not very)
GBR Giant Battling Robots Favicon
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