16 September 2009


RobosaurusJust for fun, I give you ...

RobosaurusThis isn't a Battlemech. Not quite. It is, however, well over 10 meters tall and masses about 30 tons, so it's on the order size for a light Battlemech ... and it transforms ... and it mounts a flamethrower.

RobosaurusAlso of note is a bit of FASA history you can read about.

RobosaurusRobosauruses live at public events such as drag races and monster truck rallies. The typical diet of a Robosaurus consists of old cars and airplanes, flame broiled to a crispy perfection.

RobosaurusThe Robosaurus site is an interesting read. In addition to pictures and promotional information, there are considerable details about the construction, engineering, and operation of this machine.

RobosaurusAlso worth a visit is www.CanoSOARus.com the home of
Doug Malewicki's patented inventions and other engineering involvements. You might see some other of his famous inventions there too.
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