20 September 2009

Gamers Love Math

I've written before that gamers are fascinated by math and probability, and I am happy to bring two fine examples to your attention.

The first is Paint-it-Pink, a new blog by a science fiction fan, model maker and writer, with a long connection to Battletech going back to the FASA days. Her most recent post is a nice method of cost-effectiveness analysis for Battletech weapons.

The second is Orloff Military Academy, a blog featuring content for the Battletech community. Kit wrote me last week about doing a guest-post, and his article on the Math of 2DX Dice Systems will be appearing tomorrow morning.

I have added both of these to my list of Battletech blogs and bloggers in the first sidebar. I encourage you to visit and leave a word of encouragement welcoming them to the Battletech blogging community.
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