08 May 2009

On the workbench, part 2

Battletech Miniatures Fafnir Cicada ThunderboltThese minis are back for assorted repairs. The Fafnir (left) has a bent gun on the left arm and some chipped paint.
(Unfortunately I didn't get any pics from the left side, which is the best part. Time to get the camera back out.)

Battletech Miniatures Fafnir Cicada Thunderbolt
The Cidada (middle) has a few chipped spots and the ink has worn off the antenna.

Battletech Miniatures Fafnir Cicada Thunderbolt
The Thunderbolt (right) just needs a bit of glue; it has so many pins holding it together that something is always coming loose.

Battletech Miniatures Fafnir Cicada Thunderbolt

Hey Guys! Come Back!! I'm not done!!!

Battletech Miniatures Fafnir Cicada ThunderboltThis is one of my favorites. The original Cicada is in a static and unexciting pose, especially for a battlemech that is supposed to be fast. For this modification I had to do extensive cutting, reshaping, and pinning, and the whole thing is mounted on a piece of music wire running out the back of the base and into the right leg, so the whole miniature is literally suspended above the base, posed in mid-stride and both feet off the ground. The antenna are toothbrush bristles. I did the sharks grin with micron markers (red and black on white paint) and a lot of practice on paper before I dared to try it on the mini itself.

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