19 May 2009

Battletech PODS Update, Origins Confirmed

It's official!

Peter Smith Writes:
I was just informed that the Origins Crew is now being formed, as the VWE pods will be there. The plan is to bring twelve pods out, the price is going to be three game tokens (six bucks).

However, these details may change. And per VGL policy, harassment by staff is always free and will be in stock the entire convention.


Propwash writes:
Actually, if you commit to being a volunteer, you get free games. We are bringing extra cockpits so our volunteers get a LOT of game time.

Sign up to become a MechJock: RedShirt by emailing your availability to propwash@mechjock.com. Put Origins in the subject line.
Here is the Virtual Word Battletech training video:

Better yet, check out the online training manual from MechCorp.

More videos at Virtual World Entertainment. (Realplayer only)

Much more to see at MechCorp, go there and start your training now.

[Thanks to Sam for helping to keep me up to date] GBR Giant Battling Robots Favicon
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