10 January 2009


I just figured out how to better use my followers list, or maybe there are new features I never noticed. I am skimming thru and picking out anything even slightly gaming related (and a bit more, but not SPAM). This should be considered a partial list. I haven't had time to review all of these in any detail, nor am I certifying the content in any way. This is sort of a way of saying "Thank you" to some of the people that have been paying attention to my ramblings (Thank You!) and building up some blog reciprocity. If I missed anyone who thinks they ought to be included here, email me so I can add your blog here.

VASSAL Notebook, Thoeursday Night Fight Club [sic]
Swizza - Video Game Guru
Creating a t/ccg/card game
Arcade Stories
Gamer Living in NYC/with Health issues
Puzzles From Monkey
Game Headz Chronicles
20 Sided Woman
City of Amathar
Games - Fun - Entertainment
Brandon's Blog, CgCook38's Poker Blog
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