03 January 2009

This and That

Want to know what happens when your blog gets "Noted"? The chart to the right is my web traffic from December 12th through the 31st (via StatCounter). It's actually a bit frightening.
I wrote a full post about it on my other blog.

How simple can a game be, and still be a game? Greg Costikyan writes about MS Paint Adventures at Play This Thing.

A site called SCIFI CHROME; and interesting mix of scifi, martial arts movies, gaming, how to tie a necktie, Battletech novels, anime, and ... wait ... what was that part about neckties again?

Finally, Zero Punctuation reviews Prince of Persia. I don't play the game, I don't plan to, I don't even know what platform it runs on, but I never miss a Zero Punctation because Yahtzee makes me bust a gut laughing every time. If you aren't already familiar with ZP, well ... just make sure the kids aren't in earshot.

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