17 December 2008

Scholeologist Defined

The Curmudeon Gamer made up the word, so he gets to define it. Or maybe he is renaming a field of study? (Does it matter?)

My favorite bit:
When I was young and naive, I came across a brilliantly excitingly named branch of mathematics called "Game Theory". Naturally I said to myself, "holy crap! Pretty darn smart of me to become a mathematician -- now I'll get to play games for a living!

In case you aren't aware, "Game Theory" is a bait-and-switch ruse right up there with "Greenland".
Now go read the post at Curmudgeon Gamer!

I confess I had a similar first contact with Game Theory, and even would have signed up for a class has it been offered. Now I've gotten back to the point where it might be interesting again, but that is a tale for another day.
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