02 December 2008

Revisit Vintage Games

The Vintage Game Preservation Society
Les Chappell writes at The Escapist

I've always been behind the curve when it comes to videogames, going back to childhood when my parents refused to buy a Nintendo and my brother and I had to rely on older PC games for entertainment. While I never developed the manual dexterity necessary to win an Xbox deathmatch (my performance in Halo is a joke), I do have an interesting series of childhood recollections: top-down terrorist control in Syndicate, the quirky adventure game-style of Quest for Glory, spinning to avoid giant feline pilots in Wing Commander II.

With the old disks lost or rendered obsolete, I thought these games existed only in memory. That is, until a few months ago when my friend Pat mentioned that he'd been playing through System Shock 2, a game I'd heard many great things about but missed when it came out in 1999. Where'd he find it, I asked - garage sale? eBay?

Click through for the full article, and maybe revisit some old favorites? There is also a lively discussion of abandonwear in the comments.
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