31 December 2008

Blog thoughts

These are not New Year resolutions, just running down some ideas.

My Candyland post got a lot of attention, and I'm working on a post about Monopoly. Guess what? It's a Markov-chain too (nearly). There is a lot of material available on this (just Google Monopoly game math), but I think I can add something a little different.

Are there games people want to see analyzed? I'm not sure I can take requests like that, but the question itself might be interesting.

Someone asked what other games I've analyzed (maybe over-analyzed), and I'll have to think about that. Probably not all that many in any depth, but I've never made a list (maybe I should).

I've got a series of posts that require a fair bit of spreadsheet work to set up, and a laborious effort to describe so that someone else might be able to figure out what I've done. This is painful to write, and probably more painful to read. This is also my best way to "share the math" in a way which is accessible to others, and really essential to what I am trying to do. I need to find a way to make this type of post work.

The downside of writing a lot is I'm not doing much painting (or much laundry). I need to balance things a bit better, or become a faster/better writer. Of course, writing a lot is the key to becoming a better/faster writer.

There is a big topic I've been trying to work up to writing about: Game Theory. This is another one of those hard to write but important to do things I need to figure out how to do.

What else is in the works?
More miniatures pictures, an interview, a browser game with mecha in it, that long-promised Facebook Games followup, Elo scoring, some old-but-great games in my closet, some new games, the game I'm trying to write, some simple "demonstrate the math" games, not to mention following up on my blogroll and some of you nice people who are following this blog.

So that's a bunch of ideas even at one post each, and some of those need multiple posts. If I could hit on all those topics and do a decent job on them, that should easily keep me busy for a good part of 2009, and that's not counting the other games I find along the way.

So that's a quick rundown of some of the topics coming on GBR, at least the ones running through my head at the moment. Happy 2009, and happy gaming!

PS: 3-4 more ideas since I "finished", but this is enough
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