06 October 2009

Dice Poll Results

The poll about my dice is now closed, and although the results are nothing spectacular, I'm still happy with them. Not a lot of people came here just because of the dice, but some did, and that is fine. It might have been more helpful to me if I'd put up the poll right after ORIGINS, and I'm guessing there are more people that simply missed the poll.

BR custom dice blog cardsOne thing that is pretty clear is that people like these dice, and it has been a successful promotion of my blog. It has also raised awareness among the Battletech community, which is an important part of my target audience.

I'm getting requests for more dice from people I know handing them out to other gaming groups, so I know the word is still getting around. This cost me $200, but it has done what it was supposed to do, and it been nice to have something I can give out that gamers appreciate. I would do it again, and my supply is running low, so I'll likely need more for next summer.

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