24 October 2009

2009 Chicago Golden Demon Winners

Perfect timing! Just when I was needing some inspiration to get back to my painting, the 2009 Chicago Golden Demon Winners are announced.

[Note: This link may redirect you to the Games Workshop front page instead of taking to to the pictures. If this happens, select your language, and it should take you to the Golden Demon article. If that fails too, come back here and try the link again. - D]

I don't play Warhammer, but I do appreciate the work that goes into these miniatures. Some of these are simply fantastic.

I made my copies of these image small and low-quality. Consider that a suggestion to go see all the originals from Games Workshop.

UPDATE2012: The old links no longer function as intended, wither broken or redirected. Try this: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?aId=13000009a
If you are redirected to the GDW front page, use the drop-down there to identify your country/language, then try this link again.
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