22 March 2009

Hiawatha Hobbies

Hiawatha Hobbies train engine Atlas, HH660 - Milwaukee Road #1603As much as I like miniature figures and painting, I think it's important to remember that my hobby owes a lot to other hobbies. This is why I try to support more than just the narrow aspects of Battletech miniatures the hobby I am interested in.

Hiawatha hobbies Bachmann Autumn Walnut, 2.5-3.5Hiawatha Hobbies, the model train store closest to my home, is now open in it's new location at 2026 Silvernail Road, Waukesha, WI 53072. I visited today; the new store is nicely organized and much more visible than the old location, which ought to help them out. Train shops like this are a great resource for tools, paints, flocking, scenery, and tips on how to get tricky jobs done.

Hiawatha hobbies Bachmann On30 Spectrum Roaring Ridge Passenger SetIf you like working with miniatures as much as I do, then you can probably find something the train hobbyists use that will interest you too. Take time to find a visit a store like this. You might learn something new.

Hiawatha hobbies HO Assorted Junk PilesHiawatha hobbies American Models, Company House laser Kit
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