04 February 2009

Game Theory Week: Getting Schooled

If you want some real education in game theory, then Open Yale Courses has just the thing for you: Game Theory with Professor Ben Polak.

Open Yale Courses Game Theory with Professor Ben Polak
This complete class in available online. Lectures are available in video and MP3 format, blackboard notes in PDF, and text transcripts too (see links in left hand sidebar). This is game theory for the math-phobic, though it does assume you have a passing familiarity with calculus for some of the problems. The lectures generally focus on talking about the theory, and not the math. I'm working my way through these at these and learning a lot. Polak is an excellent teacher and very enthusiastic about what he does.

I intentionally haven't posted direct links to this material here, because the material is too deep for casual browsing. I've been (slowly) working my way through these at the rate of a few per week. The lectures run about 90 minutes, and I find it's nice to have the blackboard notes and transcript handy to help understand the tricky bits. I'm really looking forward to some of the more advanced topics.
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