20 February 2009

Ad Astra on the Move

Ad Astra Games Squadron Strike gameAd Astra Games is relocating, with offices in Minnesota and Ken Burnside (President/Creative-guy) in Milwaukee. I met Ken last week while he was running a Squadron Strike demo at my local gaming haunt.

Ad Astra Games Attack Vector: Tactical game

If you are not familiar with Ad Astra Games, they are the makers of games based in real physics and engineering, such as the award winning Attack Vector: Tactical, Saganami Island Tactical Simulator (SITS), and Birds of Prey (which I now own and hope to review soon).

Ad Astra Games Birds of Prey modern air combat game
I expect Wisconsin gamers will benefit from having Ken in the area for demos, and I might sign up for his Squadron Strike campaign, time permitting.

Ad Astra Games SITS Saganami Island Tactical Simulator game
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