27 April 2011

The Grinder

\                                                                                                                                                             This edition of The Grinder is brought to you with the assistance of Darwin the cockatiel, who inserted the backslash at the beginning of this post, and bit at my fingers as I type this. I haven't been posting much lately, but I have been writing, and hopefully some of that will find its way back here soon.
Now on with the Grind.

Some fun with Game Theory on the British show QI (short for "Quite Interesting").

[Via Terrence Tao's Buzz]

Airships for the 21st Century
Which has nothing to do with games or math; I just think it's cool.
[Hat Tip David Brin on Twitter]

Mo Rocca visits Gen-Con and plays boardgames: Video at CBS News.

Is it just me, or does everybody have friends that ask them questions about counting problems and combinatorics? (I'm looking at YOU, RR!)
Somehow, I think it's just me.

Ian Schreiber writes about education and games at Teaching Game Design: My Problem With Gamification.

 The Last Cause is a movie in pre-pre-production, but it has mechs and clones, so Battletech players are likely to take notice.
Edit (2016): This early Kickstater success is now considered on of it's biggest early failures. Oh well.

Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Wargamer Extrodinaire, and a bit of gaming history I should probably already know, but somehow didn't: Redmond Simonsen. Go read about him. [Hat Tip 2 Grog News]

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