20 August 2010

The Grinder (20/08/2010)

The Grinder has been a regular event at the some of the gaming conventions for quite a while now. At our local our Battletech group, we sometimes play this as a "pickup" game, using whatever sheets and resources are available, sort of a "Battletech Stew" we can cook up on short notice from leftovers of other games - and an easy alternative when our planned scenarios doesn't work out.
Photo Courtesy of Scrapyard Armory
My plan for another part in my Lanchester/Attrition Modelling series (1,2) is taking me a long time to prepare, but I've got a bunch of cool stuff I was saving for a "miscellaneous" post, which is a good alternative plan. I've been thinking about making such a post an occasional anyway. All I really need is to think up a good name it.

Think up, or maybe steal borrow. See where I'm headed with this yet?

So with no further ado I bring you the first edition of an occasional feature:

(insert clever subtitle here)

From Clifski's blog - The developer of Gratuitous Space Battles writes about the issue of game length, and concludes that Size Doesn't Matter.

Completely by chance I came across the source of the original artwork for the game OGRE. This was one of the first wargames I ever bought, and still a favorite. The artist turns out to be Winchell Chung, who occasionally posts here, and has posted links to this blog at various other forums, bringing me a lot of web traffic. Thanks Winchell!
You can find info about the game OGRE at Steve Jackson Games.

Another post about why gigantic robotic war machines simply are not practical, or maybe even possible. Heathen!

It's actually a pretty good read, and he hits a few new reasons that hadn't occurred to me already. See Too many words about why mechas are stupid at Chizumatic.

The Ultimate D&D Gaming Room
I think I've posted this one before, so no piccy.

From The Pasqualian:
If that looks sort of mathy, it is. ("Mathy" is a technical term, you know ;->)
I found a mathematician writing about expressing the Lanchester differential equations in the form of a Markov chain. Carlos Pasquali, whom I might describe as one smart cookie, was kind enough to answer some questions for me. We had a good and most helpful discussion (see comments), which I'll be writing more about this soon, I hope.

That's it for the first edition of The Grinder. I'll cook this up again soon.
This post is also my first use of the new "jump break" tool in the Blogger editor. Like?
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