05 August 2010

Fair Dice, Unfair Dice, and Dice Rolling Machines

Today's rambling blog post started off with my searching for a material in reply to a post at My Little Soldier. Looking for one thing I stumbled across much more, and ... well ... here it comes ...

Fair Dice and more from the Mathematical Association of America. Be sure to read about Lou Zocchi's father's Believe-it-or-Not accomplishment.

Unfair Dice, also from the MAA. Notable because someone calculated the theoretical unfairness of dice that are unbalanced due to hollowed out pips. This would include most of the dice in my bag, since I prefer pips to numbers.

The Physics of Dice, this page has links to pictures of a dice-rolling machine custom built to test dice, and a bit more that might be interesting. This is what I was looking for in the first place!

And Finally ...

A bit more about this machine at Gizmodo
 and Boing Boing is better still.

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