30 July 2009

Critical Mass of Ideas

What's the opposite of writer's block? It's one thing to be stuck with no ideas to write about, but is it possible to have too many ideas? That seems to be the situation I find myself in. So what's a blogger to do, except maybe write about it. Here's a summary of what's been going through my head lately, all of which I hope to come back to and write about when I can.

  • I have been trading comments with Steven Satak about some material from the TRO project. I think it's going to be really good.
  • (ai-yi-yi ... I'd better make shorter comments or I won't even be able to finish this post about having too much to write about.)
  • Lunch and conversation with Ken Burnside of Ad Astra Games has helped me focus my thoughts on some problems I was already working on, specifically how to value the offensive capability of weapons in a games. This lead to discussion of ...
  • ... Lanchester's Laws (something I keep meaning to write about), a formulation of the relative advantage of numerical superiority in combat ...
  • ... and a how it applies to the advantage of longer range individual combat. My intuition tells me this ought to be the same sort of relationship, but I'm trying to work through the math to verify this, and ...
  • ... this ties in nicely with what I've already been working on for the mathematics of Battletech.
  • My efforts in the Game Design Concepts class have been lacking recently. This has been a rich learning experience for me, and I need to make a serious effort to get caught up.
  • A game idea I've been kicking around for a while is starting to gel. It's high time for me to put together a prototype of this fast-paced air combat game, tentatively titled JINK!
  • My project with Tom of PhotonCutter Studios is coming along nicely. The guys in my Battletech group like the prototype I brought in last night, and there are indications it could be popular with a lot of serious miniatures gamers.
  • I got some comments about mt Crazy Climber game I wrote and blogged about for the Game Design Concepts class. Someone might actually give it a try! As a budding game designer, this sort of feedback is an incredibly inspiring experience. Saxywolf: If you are reading this, I haven't forgotten. I hope to repost a revised set of rules as soon as I get the time (but time is in short supply).
  • Finally, there are a few more ideas that came out of my time at ORIGINS that I haven't written about yet.
Time for work. If there are any of these topics you want to see sooner than later, let me know.
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