26 June 2009

ORIGINS 2009: Day 3 - Painting Red

You know you are really getting into the Con when you absolutely do not have the energy to do one more thing that day. Friday was such a day. [Note: this post has been back-dated to approximately the actual time of this session.]

ORIGINS 2009 art college Bethany GecinaPainting Red: This was an ORIGINS Art College session with artist Bethany Gecina (some of Bethany's work can be seen at that link). The previous session had been full, but I was the only one that showed up for the second session. Bethany was very patient with her only student, and patiently answered every question I could think to ask her.

ORIGINS 2009 art college painting redThis poor mini! It suffered terribly at my hands, first undergoing several layers of red as Bethany showed me a series of techniques for reds, then getting spattered with greens and yellows as my questions lead us astray into other parts of the color wheel. The last thing I wanted to try was a "flame" effect, and the only part of the mini left to work on was her hair. Needless to say a flame effect on hair, even when well executed, probably looks kind of odd, and my effort is unrecognizable as either flame or hair. It served the purpose of letting me try the technique though, so it was educational even if it does look awful.

Darksword Miniatures Green Witch Dennis MizeThe miniature for the class was provided by Dark Sword Miniatures, and is a beautiful sculpt by Dennis Mize. More pictures like this one to the right can be found at the Dark Sword Miniatures Gallery. You can see it looks much better when a ham-hand like me doesn't get a hold of it too. Their whole miniatures line is very impressive, and is well worth a view.
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