08 February 2011

The Grinder - Valentine's Day Edition

Links for the one you love, ground up and arranged in a nice bouquet.

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics
From Norton Juster, and the Immortal Chuck Jones

[IO9] - Mathematicians figure out how to fend off gold-diggers – with game theory  ---  This should be probably be re-titled: Two male Mathematician's figure out yet another way not to get girls.

Spiked Math
Spiked Math has an experimental simplified viewing page, and a new Spiked Math app for the iPhone/iPad.

[The Fallacy Files] - The Puzzle of the Absent-Minded Professors
Because no one can ever have enough logic puzzles.

That's a Terrible Idea: Actually has some pretty good idea's, and I have added them to my blogroll under Game Design Blogs (somewhere down there, but hey, a link is a link). Here are two good samples:
  1. Games from the Ground Up
  2. The Role of Chance

Dancing Robots! The party really gets going about 3 minutes in.
[Found on Engadget, via Pharyngula]


More goodness from Proof: Snowhedron

[Dark Roasted Blend] If you like the artwork for Catalyst Games Labs new game Leviathans, check out The Great Eastern, a leviathan steamship on the Victorian era.

[Discoblog] Can video games make smarter spies? Oh come on guys, get Sirius!

That's all for this edition. Be sure to set aside the games you love for a little time with the one you love. Or better yet, get them to play a game with you!
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