08 January 2011

The Grinder

Carefully selected links, ground into a Truely Gritty substance (watching The Duke right now).
from Doghouse Diaries

Battlestar Galactica versus Lanchester's Squared Law ... from the The Dog House Diaries webcomic.

Blogs of War - a list of Wargaming blogs with 951 993 entries so far. You might find something you like. You might have a hard time not finding something you like.

From Pulsipher Boardgame Design, some comments on the value of playtesting: "Most players are not like us"

IO9: You might think something like this could only exist in a game ...
The manufacturer will not stand behind it.

From Vi Hart: Sick Number Games

Generating random numbers is a deep subject. Check out this free book to see how deep.

Game in the Brain: Nikolas comments on the Purpose of Realism in Games.

XKCD: Explorers

I put in my two-bits on Dice and Information (1,2,3), here's a great article about the information in a coin toss, from Tom Moertel's Blog:

That's all for this session. (I'm almost out of movie too, just the final shootout left.)
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