20 December 2010

Support Net Neutrality

Not much time left. Make yourselves known.
In less than 24 hours, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will unveil the FCC’s plan for Net Neutrality.  From what’s leaked to the public so far, the proposed rules are not Net Neutrality and in fact would make things worse for consumers.  Tiered pricing and network management that causes degrading of video are just some of what we can expect if these rules pass.  This is the FCC siding with the telecommunication industry.
This is the perfect example of corporate lobbyists and behind closed door dealings running our government. We’ve been organizing for years on this and tens of thousands of you have written the FCC over the years.  But, this is it.  Make sure your voice is added and you speak out to demand Net Neutrality.
Happy gaming,
Brett Schenker, Online Advocacy Manager
Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA)

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