04 October 2010

Battletech 4th Edition

I made a good find yesterday at Half-Price Books: The Battletech 4th Edition boxed set.

The box itself was a bit beaten up, and I already own a beaten-up 4th edition box minus the original contents.

One quick peek inside the box was enough to show me at the original rulebook was still there. That, and a very distinctive lump metal, shown just to the right. I still wasn't sure the $25 price was worth it, even for an out-of-print Atlas miniature, but what the heck.

Later, out in the parking lot, I broke the box open again to show my wife the Atlas, and found the Zeus mini too. THAT'S when I was sure I'd made a good buy.

The rest is icing on the cake. The box may have had some wear and tear, but all the components appear to be in perfect condition.

There is also a set of stickers (above, on the left) with the Inner Sphere House insignia that I didn't expect. (Also a nice Power Rangers pencil.)

This is my second stroke of luck with used FASA games. Needless to say, I am quite pleased.
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