02 September 2010

The Grinder (02/09/2010)

--- A collection of links in need of Grinding, September 2nd, 2010 ---

Tree Lobsters are poking fun at vampires and {spoiler deleted}.

From IO910 Awesome Science Fiction Stories for Gamers

Also IO9: 25 Classic Science Fiction Movies ...
I don't agree with all of these choices. Some of these movies were very good entertainment, but not particularly good SciFi.

RISD Fleet Library: A gallery of Dazzle camouflage patterns.
Though I'm sure I've linked this before, it's worth seeing again. "Dazzle" is one of my favorite paint scheme for my Battletech miniatures. It's hard to camouflage a 100 ton vehicle, but you can make it harder to focus on. On the tabletop this scheme stands out attractively, yet still makes the other player look twice to be sure what they are looking at. (The mini on the right is still on the workbench, and will look much more like the other when it is done.)

Spiked Math! has a tribute to Martin Gardner. Check out the links to various fun mathematical topics below the cartoon.

That's all for this week - keep those dice rolling!

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