02 July 2010

Range Testing for Little Wars

Over at Toy Soldiers Forever, Mannie is preparing to play one of the original miniatures rules wargames.
Last winter I acquired a reprint of H.G. Wells' Little Wars, that most original and elegant of wargaming tretises. First published in 1913, this very slim volume set an early standard for wargaming in which the obvious agenda is fun and the not-so-hidden agenda is the futility of war and the advantages of peace.

The clever prose and the droll attention to simplicity and pragmatism make this a delight to read.

Mannie clearly takes delight in testing his new toy cannon too. He's even done a very scientific study of projectile performance. I like it!

 I'm looking forward to the report on the full scale battle too, coming later this month.
[Image From Mannie Gentile: Toy Soldiers Forever]
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