26 May 2010

Auctions and More

A collection of links I've read recently, most having something to do with game design.

From Play This Thing!
Auctions as a Game Balancing Tool:
Auctions are a widely used in the board games as an in-game mechanic or as a meta game. Read this if you want to cross train or at least avoid being a vidiot
Battletech players should be well aware of auctions in the Battletech universe - the Clans call it the Batchall. As the article describes, actions and board gaming have a long history together.

From Pulsipher Boardgame Design
Game design is no place for “perfectionism”
No game can be perfect–it depends so much on the audience, the individual player, the mood, the group (if played by a group), even the timing of creation and publication.

From Jon Radoff's Internet Wonderland, where you can view this at full size.

History of Social Games

[Tip-O-Hat 2 The Ludologist]

From Once Upon A Geek:

From TEDWill Wright makes toys that make worlds
SPORE has dropped off my horizon, but his comments about games and toys are interesting.

UPDATE: Because this is too cool not to share:

From Ethical Technology

GBR Giant Battling Robots Favicon
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