31 January 2010

Local News

Some local news and events to catch up on:

The new second location for Games Universe is open and seems to be doing well. Our local Catalyst Agent is running a monthly Grinder session there to attract new players. I traded custom dice with the owner, and I'll try to get a picture of them up too.

Adventures in Gaming (my usual game spot) is moving to a nearby location:

Adventures in Gaming would like to announce that they are moving locations to a new site located at 3875 S. 92nd Street Milwaukee WI 53228. We will continue to maintain our Phone number of 414-940-8390 and email at aigstaff@att.net.

Adventures in Gaming will continue to support the greater Milwaukee gaming community by offering free gaming space, the crafting zone, special orders, and over 2000 sq feet of retail space.

The move will be effective February 1st 2010.
AiG has offered after hours gaming in the basement for years, which is greatly enjoyed by the local gaming community. At this time it is not completely clear what the game room situation will be, as the new location doesn't have a basement, but we are told that some sort of gaming space will be available.

Finally, our good friend Leonard has just returned from National Guard duty in Afghanistan (that's him on the right at GENCON 2007).

Thank you for your service, Leonard, and welcome back!

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