08 August 2009

Under Construction

Pardon the dust, I'm trying out a new template. Comments and criticisms appreciated!

So far, so good. My blogroll even transferred over, which I did not expect. I need to rearrange my gadgets more to my liking.

I can see I'm going to have to do something about my banner, the old one is too small for this layout.

I bumped up the font size. I don't know if anyone else has trouble with small text, but I do, and I have to read it, so bigger it gets. Unfortunately, this may play hell with the layout of my older posts. Please email me about any old post where the formatting has clearly gone south.

Adjusted the color scheme. Maybe not for the better, but it is a bit more themed than it was before. I'll try it ... YIPES! The bottom bar text is now the same color as the blog title (thank you Rounders template. I like safety yellow, but that is a bit much. I guess I'll have to dive into the template HTML and see if I can swap color there.

I'm noticing rather slow loading times tonight. Is this loading slowly for anyone else?

I started fiddling around in Paint.net to create a new banner. Here is what I have so far.

Credit where credit is due: To create this three column layout I followed an
excellent tutorial from:

The Blogger Guide
[Blogger Tips, Tutorials & Consultancy]

The instruction here were to add a third left-side column to my old Rounders layout, but they were clear enough that I managed to switch it to two right-side columns with no difficulty. (But I backed everything up first, just in case).
I have been meaning to add a third column for some time to make better use of screen space. Two right-side columns let me put more information "up top" where people can see it, but people with smaller monitors can still read the main text without side scrolling.

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