04 November 2008

Wednesday Battletech: Battle of Stalingrad

Last week was a small group at AiG, and none of us had a key to the filing cabinet or any maps. Therefore we had to improvise a bit to put a game together. I had some sheets left over from past games, so we set up a the player battle on the Stalingrad table. Captions below the pictures:

Steve's Hunchback HBK-4SP advances down the bombed-out street. Unfortunately for Steve, those are Jeff's Plainsman hovertanks (proxy) behind him.

From the opposite angle --> Insert Cloud-of-Smoke where the Hunchback used to be because Jeff "snaked" a critical to the SRM6 ammo. In the background Dan's Vindicator VND-5L swats at Steve's Bandit hovertanks (This is the debut of this mini as the Mech the mini represents).

Another view, revealing Dan's Saladin and (Clan) Bandit hovertanks safely tucked away in the alley.

Still another view of Steve's hovertanks menacing Dan's Vindicator.

Having dispatched one of Steve's Bandits and damaged the other, Dan moves to engage Jeff. Off picture to the right Dan's Saladin explodes under a hail of fire from one of Jeff's Plainsman. Jeff's Bushwhacker is partially visible at the top of the picture.

The first clear view of Jeff's Bushwhacker, and one Plainsman peeking through a window to attack Dan's Bandit, which is quickly immobilized (and basically out of the fight). Jeff's other tank meets its end somewhere off picture.

Two turns later, overhead view: Jeff's Bushwhacker is wisely giving ground to the combined advance of the Vinicator and Steve's Bandit.

The Bandit is in position for a rear shot on the Bushwahcker, but is immobilized by the Plainsman. At this point the Bushwhacker has taken very little damage.

Another angle, and the blurriest. The Vindicator immobilized the Plainsman, but has been taking significant fire from the Bushwhacker.

Next turn - All out of pictures now: The Vindy jump behind the now immobile Plainsman and finishes it off, but is knocked down by fire from the BW. Steve's Bandit is still taking pot-shots at the BW, but it about to be out of the fight anyway.

At this point the vindicator has finally closed to where it might make physical attacks. The Bushwhacker turns and runs to increase the distance while the Vindy regains its feet. A pursuit of several turns ensues. The Vindy catches up as the Bushwhacker runs out of running room and it gets in one good TSM enhanced kick, but has lost the left (Sword) arm AND it gets knocked down again.

The final turn - the Vindy stands again but cannot reach the BW for physical attacks, so it let loose with a full alpha strike; Jeff's Bushwhacker loses an arm and takes some internal damage but remains standing and in good fighting form. The Vindicator shuts down at 26 heat, and we call it an evening.
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