11 September 2008

Why Giant Battling Robots?

Why, you might ask, should anyone be interested in giant battling robots? There's is a long story there, but I'll try to keep it short. I like games, and I like studying the statistical aspects of games. My early interest in playing games lead to my interest in computers, and eventually to a serious study of statistics and a career. My favorite game is Battletech, now officially "Classic Battletech" (CBT), a tabletop game played with paper, pencils, and dice, where pieces represent 30-meter tall bipedal war machines. I find it an interesting game or many levels.
I had been working out the mathematics of minor aspects of the game for a long time, but a few years ago I started to get really serious about understanding the mathematical properties of this game, and others. Along the way I've discovered some ways that games relate to the real world too. I am finally ready to starting sharing some of what I have learned, so I hope someone else finds this interesting too. Stick around, it should be fun!

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