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- Sword and Dragon posts
-- Battletech: Sword and Dragon Sessions
Optimal Armor Distribution in Battletech

- See also: Probability Distributions
-- Fair Dice
--- Fair Dice, Unfair Dice, and Dice Rolling Machines
--- Playing Fair with the Chi-Square Test of Homogeneity
--- Lucky Dice versus the Water Test
-- Sicherman's Dice

Game Theory

Grinder (posts with miscellaneous content)

-- Information
---- Dice and Information
---- Dice and Information ... So What?
---- More Dice, More Information, but not as much as you think
-- Sicherman's Dice
-- Probability of

Lanchester's Laws
-- Lanchester's Laws and Attrition Modeling, Part I
-- Lanchester's Laws and Attrition Modeling, Part II
-- in Gratuitous Space Battles (Part III), and Blue versus Gray
-- Lanchester's Game
-- My Wikipedia Problem

-- my work: Spiderman,

Point Systems for game balance
-- On the Absuridty of “Battlevalue”

- Conditional Dice Rolls
- Conditional Dice Rolls with Partial Information

- Probability Distributions
-- see also: Dice
-- Dice Distributions
--- Exloding D6
--- Exploding D10
--- Levi's Double Dice
--- Math of 2DX Dice Systems
-- Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution
--- Metal Fatigue

Squadron Strike
-- Point Values for Squadron Strike