Posting Policy

Posting policy for Giant Battling Robots and Dread Tomato Addiction -  It's nice to have visitors that leave thoughtful comments, but SPAM, not so much. I want to allow as much freedom for comments as I can, but there have to be some sort of limits too. Therefore, some rules:
  1. Any posts or links which require significant effort on my part to determine if they may or may not be legitimate or otherwise wastes my time are subject to immediate deletion.
  2. If you want to promote your own blog*, do so by posting a relevant comment, or risk wasting my time (see rule #1). Promote yourself by participating!
  3. No SPAM or p@rn. Links to SPAM and p@rn are SPAM. Irrelevant promotions or products solicitations are SPAM. Posts in a language other than English** are suspiciously SPAMmy. 
  4. Links to relevant-but-slightly-naughty content may be acceptable, but please indicate your link is NSFW, adult, etc. Such posts may be removed until I am able to review the content. 
  5. Be polite. Do not feed trolls. Do not be a troll.
  6. There is no rule number six, Bruce.
Good for you! I'd like to help. Now go back and finish reading the rule.
**  I do occasionally receive comments from people not fluent in English, and that is OK, but I will not attempt to translate messages if there is no indication that it might be legitimate (see rule #1). Please consider using an automatic translation service such as Google translate.

Please note that comments on older posts may be subject to moderation, and will not appear immediately.

These rules are subject to my interpretation and may change at any time. If you think you have not been fairly treated, email me your concern and I will consider it.