04 June 2011

The Grinder

[A dazzling display of delightful de ... um ... I need a D-word ... deviations ... detritus ... de-links?

The Grinder -  6/4/2011 edition

And speaking of dazzle, could Dazzle-camouflage make a comeback? This recent research supports says Dazzle Camouflage Affects Speed Perception. [Hat-Tip IO9]

Image: WWIaviation.blogspot.com
This just in! Check out some dazzling WWI aviation paint schemes.

Terrain table pictures ... Shiny!

This could be interesting ...
Invasion3042 is a massive multiplayer online game that is based off the game Battletech. It is a free game and is not for profit.
Has anybody tried it?

Discoblog brings us Tiny Toss-able Robots.

World Peace Games, with teacher John Hunter. Video from TED. It's a bit slow to get started, but gets interesting about 8 minutes in. Never cross a 9-year-old girl with tanks!

[Hat-Tip Greg Laden]

[The Endeavour] There are exactly five platonic solids*, and you can prove it!
* Perhaps more familiar to my readers as dice - the d4, d6, d8, d12, and d20.

Another video, this one with singing and dancing! Roll A D6.

[Hat-Tip: Operation Odyssey Dawn]

[IO9] MTG as an RPG?
The was an MTG computer game, long ago, with very nearly this premise. With a bit of creativity it could be good for multiplayer too. Before that was a great game called Master of Magic. Also, there could be a new Star-Trek animated series!

Play JAM! Can you beat the computer? Can you beat it every time?? Can you figure out the secret??? (without peaking!) Here is a hint - You have almost certainly played this game before, and many times. [Hat-Tip Terrace Tao]

Non-Transitive Dice

Starcraft Humor from Abstruse Goose. I didn't get it until I saw the caption.

Green Cube: The Physics Boardgame

Enough bedazzlement for two sittings, but that's happens when I don;t post for a whole month. Writers-block sucks. Want to preview the next Grinder, before I post it? Check out my Google Reader Shared Links page for GRB.