05 November 2015

Tribes Universe games, including Earthseige, are now available free

I remember downloading and playing the demo for Earthseige, long ago. It seemed like a cool game, and the demo left me wanting more.
One apocalypse later, the Earth lies in ruin from these heavy metal marauders. You and your squad of HERCULAN warriors must prowl this target-rich wasteland to deliver some heavily mechanized payback. But beware--the Cybrids are an intelligent and relentless enemy. You'll constantly have to train new pilots, develop new tactics, and acquire new weapons to secure an advantage. If not, they'll be hosing your remains out of the cockpit for the next rookie.
Then I bought Mechwarrior 2 and mostly forgot about Earthseige. I recall reading about one of the developers saying they thought Earthseige suffered from the lack of a strong background story like that of the Battletech universe. I actually didn't know that the Tribes games were in the same series as Earthseige, so I guess they did OK without me. You can download all five Tribes games (for free) now at:  http://www.tribesuniverse.com/

Via Polygon News

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