20 December 2008

The Science of Dice, with Colonel Louis Zocchi

[via Science Punk, via Loquacious at MetaFilter]
Part 1:

and Part 2:

Louis Zocchi is a great one ... but now I may have to replace all my dice.

[Update] Critical Gamers (whom I just discovered) have a post on this topic too, and a favorable review of Game Science dice in use.


AC'63 said...

Great post, I enjoyed whatching it .. and I have gamed in over 20 yrs.

Dan Eastwood said...

You wrote "and I have gamed in over 20 yrs", and it seems like you may have meant "NOT have gamed ...". If this is the case, then for goodness sake get your self some dice and a game! :-)

r_i_d said...

Great post, really! I enjoyed watching this video a lot. Wonderful man, who knows what he's doing, because he loves what he's doing.

And _I_ have NOT gamed in over years!

Dan Eastwood said...

Lou Zocchi, for those who do not already know, is an icon of the gaming industry. I first met him when I was 17; a friend and I drove ~1000 miles to go to GENCON. Back then I just thought he was "the grumbly guy at the Flying Buffalo booth". It wasn't until several years later I figured out who he was.

I will now repeat myself: Go get yourself a game and play it! :-)

Mark said...

This guy is the best, I love his crazy passion for science & dice! I do have a dice that rolls way more 20's than any other, and now I know why. I want to buy the Colonel's dice now (but keep my 20 roller...)

Dan Eastwood said...

Hi Mark, and thanks for the comment. If you haven't seen it yet, check out this post at the Scrapyard Armory: http://www.scrapyardarmory.com/2009/08/26/fair-dice/